tigerVPN received the badge of excellence service by vpnMentor

To be fair, we don’t spend a ton of time managing our blog due to multiple reasons – most obvious because the majority of you interact with us directly via our in-app messenger. Sometimes however, we feel the need to express certain moments with a bell and a whistle, oh and a cup of tea.

So get this – we just got our first badge!
And what a badge this is 😉







vpnMentor, a credible source that delivers objective reviews about a VPN provider (and yes, we talk about not just comparing IP addresses as they really dive in deep inside the product and write honest and objective reviews) has taken the efforts to review us in detail. And quite frankly, we finally got the badge that we believe we deserve – The Badge of excellent service.

We have been busy lately rebuilding the user experience and design, but also our apps and some VPN mechanics to ensure that we keep up the standards and earn the badge for many years to come.

The team is honored to receive this badge and we’ll make sure to hang it in our office for everyone to see.