How to Watch Netflix While Abroad


If you haven’t heard of Netflix by now, you may be living under a rock, but for those who don’t know, Netflix is the new entertainment paradigm of the 21st century. Current subscribers pay a nominal subscription fee of $7.99, while new subscribers pay just a dollar more, and in return are allowed to watch an unlimited amount of entertainment, streamed over their internet connection.

The streaming service today boasts more than 33 million U.S. subscribers, with more than 50 million subscribers worldwide. Along with traditional movies and TV shows, lately Netflix has been bankrolling and funding its own series, including the smash hit political drama “House of Cards,” the jailhouse comedy  “Orange is the New Black” and a fourth season continuation of the critically acclaimed comedy series “Arrested Development.”

In particular, Orange is the New Black, which recently returned on June 6th for a second season, has met with increasing popularity, both at home and abroad, receiving 12 Primetime Emmy Award Nominations. In its first week, the show generated even more hours viewed than other popular Netflix originals such as Arrested Development or House of Cards.

The prison comedy-drama, which takes place in an all-female prison, follows the exploits of Piper Chapman, an upper-middle class woman who is sentenced to fifteen months in women’s federal prison for a crime she committed ten years prior, transporting drug money for an ex.

The show was also recently green lighted for a third season, which will go live on Netflix in 2015.

There’s a problem though. If you’re a Netflix subscriber and you’re traveling abroad in many countries, when you try to access your Netflix account you’re presented with an error message: “Sorry, Netflix hasn’t come to this part of the world yet.”


Fortunately, with a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, there’s a way around this. At tigerVPN, we offer 52 nodes (and counting!) in 38 countries. Most importantly, we offer five exit nodes (more on this later) in the United States: Denver, CO; Washington D.C.; New York, NY; Seattle, WA; and Los Angeles, CA.

With our service, all you need to do is configure a VPN location with one of our five United States exit nodes, and connect. If you’re located in London, England, for example, ordinarily you’d receive a message telling you that Netflix hasn’t arrived yet. But once you’re connected to one of our American nodes, Netflix doesn’t know the difference! You have an American IP address, and you can watch Netflix without any trouble at all, even if you’re thousands of miles from the United States.

This works because a VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN provider, wrapping all your information in encrypted packets that are unreadable to outsiders. Your internet connection then “pops out” at whichever  node location you’ve selected.

At tigerVPN we’re happy to facilitate your Netflix viewing abroad. Check out our range of VPN offerings today.