Cyber Privacy & Security News of the Week – Trusting others with our data


How much do we trust companies that store our personal information? And in case they are leaked, what are the risks and who takes the blame? There’s not much we can control when it comes to our personal data and to our right to access information freely in a world of car hackers, censorship, and data leakage. Here is a summary of the cyber privacy and security that made the news last week.


The 5 Biggest Myths About VPN Services

myths about VPN

If you’re not using a VPN yet, chances are you’ve heard all sorts of stories about it and don’t know what to believe. Having so many different uses, it comes with no surprise that every user has a slightly different experience with his VPN. We’re here to shed light into the most common misconceptions about how VPN works. (more…)

How to Watch Netflix While Abroad


If you haven’t heard of Netflix by now, you may be living under a rock, but for those who don’t know, Netflix is the new entertainment paradigm of the 21st century. Current subscribers pay a nominal subscription fee of $7.99, while new subscribers pay just a dollar more, and in return are allowed to watch an unlimited amount of entertainment, streamed over their internet connection.