Russia Threats to Block Reddit


Russian government threatens to block Reddit due to a thread on growing narcotics. Roskomnadzor, the agency that supervises the media asked Reddit to remove the thread but has not received a reply so far.

Roskomnadzor posted on Vkontakte, the main Russian social media platform, a message asking people with contacts among the Reddit team to tell them to check their e-mail and reply to the agency’s request. Otherwise, they threatened to shut down the website.

The Russian media supervising agency has a history of censorship related to content it has found inappropriate, such as blocking the entire Wikipedia in 2013 due to an article on “Cannabis smoking”, according to TechCrunch.

In the eventuality of a new restriction being imposed to Russian Reddit users, the only option for bypassing it is using a VPN. VPN services have become more popular in Russia after several websites containing criticism about the government and its conflict with Ukraine have been blacklisted.

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