Shimo App free with tigerVPN

Folks did you know?

If you sign up for an annual plan (Hero Tiger) for only $6.67 per month, you get lots of free add-ons? Beside all 63 locations in 43 countries and 5 simultaneous connections you can grab a free copy of Stickypassword and Shimo for Mac)


A while ago, we reached out to the fine folks of Shimo – a german based IT startup. These geeks have built an impressive all in one vpn app called Shimo.


Lots of you work in a VPN secured office environment and are required to connect to the company VPN in order to do your job. Our App works with tigerVPN only and many of you are forced to install multiple vpn software that your company requires you to use.

Shimo is the only (as far as we know) app, that allows you to use any protocol that ever existed (including Cisco Anyconnect, SSH, Cisco IPsec and other generic protocols). This way, you can use one tool to handle your work related VPN plus tigerVPN without ever worrying again different app setups and configs.

What’s my benefit?

If you want to get rid of all your VPN apps, and only use one to master them all, Shimo is a great app for MAC users, but quality has it’s price. Usually sold as stand alone for 49 Euro (about $55 at the time of writing this article), we managed to negotiate hard with them to cover the cost for you and add Shimo as free of charge add-on in your hero tiger subscription.

Plus, if you are new to VPN, tigerVPN is built in right away into the core of Shimo, so you can configure your access with one click. (Keep in mind, that for using Shimo, you must use the manual credential that you can find in the tigerVPN dashboard).

We always aim to make tigerVPN more useful for our customers and are very proud of this cooperation.

Happy tigerVPN’ing!