tigerVPN and Sticky Password

Sticky Password – free with tigerVPN


We have some pretty exciting news for you!
At tigerVPN – we always try to make your subscription more valuable and we constantly listen to your feedback. Rolling out more server locations is always a great thing but sometimes you have to cross the bridge and go further.

tigerVPN and Sticky Password

We are excited to announce, that we have teamed up with the award winning password manager software  – “Sticky Password” to help you fight remembering passwords and choosing weak login credentials.

With this neat software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, you can sync all your passwords in a secure manner and make sure you are never running into the situation where you pick a password like “123456” when signing up for a web service.


Having a safe and secure password is the key to protect your online footprint and we recommend to chose a different password for every service you sign up.Biometric authentication

While this seems like a boring move and would require to remember lots of passwords at once, Sticky Password comes to the rescue. Instead of writing down passwords in an excel file (we know a lot of people do that), you can save your credentials in Sticky Passwords military grade encrypted software. You only need to remember “one” password to unlock your vault and you get access to all your other passwords and logins.

You can also save credit card information and Passport/ID data, so that you have all data by hand when you need it.


Free with tigerVPN!

The best thing about Sticky Password – is that this software worth $29.99 – is completely free of charge for customers that sign up to our Hero Plan subscription billed annually at $79.99 – that’s just $6.67 per month, for accessing 300 Servers in 62 locations covering 42 countries, 5 simultaneous connections and includes a password manager.

How do I get it?

If you have a tigerVPN account, head over to tigerVPN.com and login to your dashboard. On the right hand side, you will see upgrade plans. Pick Hero Tiger and complete the upgrade. You benefit from 35% savings and you will get access to Sticky Password right after upgrading your account.

How to activate it?

In the Dashboard, on the right hand side, you will see the “Sticky Password License” column.
Click the question mark and download Sticky Password to your PC (or install it on your smartphone). When asked to enter a license key, copy paste the one displayed in your account and you are good to go.

Can I try it before?

You can also try Sticky Password free of charge by heading over to their website and downloading the trial version. You can get familiar with their software and see if you like it (but we are confident you will).