The 5 Biggest Myths About VPN Services

myths about VPN

If you’re not using a VPN yet, chances are you’ve heard all sorts of stories about it and don’t know what to believe. Having so many different uses, it comes with no surprise that every user has a slightly different experience with his VPN. We’re here to shed light into the most common misconceptions about how VPN works.

Here are 5 myths about VPN that might get you trapped while trying to find the best VPN out there.

Myth no.1: It slows down your connection

The speed of your connection depends on how the connection is made between your ISP and the node you chose, and the routing of the traffic. If your ISP has peering with your VPN in proximity this means you will be able to connect to the node you want relatively direct and fast. The speed might decrease if your ISP doesn’t have a direct or proximity connection to the specific node and it has to find new routes and new networks for the traffic. That’s why you should be interested in the diversity of your VPN provider’s node locations. The good part is that tigerVPN has 62 nodes in 42 countries and it helps you find the fastest connection in an instant.


VPN Myth no. 2: You are completely untraceable


This depends on the data your VPN provider logs, but not only. Some may log a great deal of personal information. That is why it’s important to pay attention to your provider’s privacy policy. Moreover, you become easy to spot if you get a unique IP from your VPN provider. However, if multiple users are assigned the same IP address then your identity is safe because nobody could ever tell who was behind any activity.


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VPN Myth no. 3: A free plan is a great deal


You’re probably aware that free VPN plans have limited nodes, bandwidth, and usage. Usually, when you get something for free it means that you are the commercial good being sold. While a free VPN plan might look like a great deal, there have been cases when VPN providers sold their free customers’ data to third parties. Would you take this risk?


VPN Myth no. 4: It’s a brand new discovery that only geeks use


VPN is a 25 year old technology. Back then it was used mainly by employees who wanted to access their company’s internal network. However, the growing concerns about online privacy and security in the past years have made VPNs a must have for millions of internet users. So you don’t have to be a tech nerd to use a VPN. From travelers who want to get better deals on their flight tickets to sports fans who never want to miss a game, a VPN offers every user the perks of online privacy and an unrestricted internet.


VPN Myth no. 5: It’s only for those who have something to hide


A VPN service offers you privacy. It’s your decision what to do with it – watch your favorite shows while traveling, access restricted websites, keep your activity private while using public Wi-Fi or make your entire activity untraceable.

Every day we get news about hacks and personal info getting leaked and usually you don’t know just how much you value your personal data until it’s public. Anonymity and the security of your information and activity is what we at tigerVPN value most and pledge to protect.


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