This Simple Trick will Help You Save While Shopping Online



Online shopping gives you the luxury of doing some fast, but thorough research when it comes to getting the best deal. Retailers know that and it should be no news that some of them often have better prices online than in their brick-and-mortar shops, to make sure they are competitive.

However, international online shops often practice a sort of price discrimination between different countries.


Retailers like Asos, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many others have dynamic prices. The algorithm they use creates the prices according to your data – location, device, your browsing history, and even the outside temperature in the area you’re in. That’s why if you’re ordering from a richer country and use a Mac you usually get a bigger price than a Windows user in a lower income country would get.

But no worries: there’s a simple trick that will help you get the best possible deal, saving lots of money, no matter where you are.


It’s not rocket science. Here’s how it works: a VPN service will help you hide your real location and trick the online shops into thinking you are from another country. This way, you can check the different prices they offer to various customers and take advantage of the best deal.

Here is an example: the same Philippines Airlines flight ticket from Singapore to Manila, with the same dates and details, is more expensive if you buy it from New York than if you buy it from Singapore. As you can see in the screenshots, the first booking was made from a New York IP address and costs 334 USD. Meanwhile, the same flight is 384.7 SGD for users who have a Singapore IP address.

This means there is a 63 USD price difference for the exact same ticket.


The price for New York customers is higher
The price for New York customers is higher



Tickets are cheaper when booked from Singapore, for example
Tickets are cheaper when booked from Singapore, for example


And there’s more to it. Also, retailers have different sales policies for different countries. That means you can find your favorite shirt with a big discount on the US version of a retailer’s e-shop, even if sales season is already over in your country.

This goes the same for car rentals, e-books, and almost everything that you can purchase online.

Go ahead and test this awesome trick for yourself. Try using a VPN and switching IP addresses to snoop for the best online deals. A tigerVPN subscription, for example, is no more than 9 USD/month and it will help you save much more than that.


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