tigermyip.com – check your IP the friendly way

There are plenty of websites out there that will simply return your public IP address but most of them look sad, don’t work on mobile and flash you with ads, lots of ads.

At tigerVPN we also sometimes get questions on how customers can check their geo ip address once they have connected to a VPN server.
While this info is actually visible inside the app, we understood the importance of an easy, neat way of checking the current public ip.

Introducing: tigermyip.com

A simple, easy and smart way of checking your public IP address.
No ads, no ugly design, ultra fast loading times works for any IP and also works for non tigervpn customers.

If you are connected to tigerVPN and you visit this website, the tiger will give you a virtual high five and if you visit tigermyip.com from another device or a different network, it will suggest you to use tigerVPN.

All in all, we hope this neat little tool will be beneficial for anyone who just wants a great IP check.


TigerMyIP.com – a service by TigerVPN