The New tigerVPN 2016


It has been a long long ride until “today”.
We know – multiple times, we had to re-estimate our release date for when we would launch. Many of you did not understand – why we would delay our apps for the sake of the new website but let us share some light on what we did in the last couple of months.

1) New Engine – New Website – New Dashboard

It was about time to give tigerVPN a facelift. The old page was outdated and we felt the need to bring a fresh – yet bold – approach to reflect our brand in 2016. If it would have been just a regular facelift, we would have released tigerVPN much earlier, but things were connected – deeply connected. How deep you ask? tigerVPN is around since 2011 – that’s a couple of years on the back and our architecture and demands has changed over the years. We always felt the need to rebuild the engine which is the backbone of our service but were caught up by customer demand and natural growth.

preview of the new website

To bring you a new design with different features – we had to make sure existing customers would not be punished by our changes. So in a way, we had to built the new website backwards compatible, and that’s a pain (ask Sony, they ditched PS3 support when the PS4 was launched) and we started to understand why 😉

Long story short, we hope that the new design is clean – straight forward – and recognizable.
We know that yellow is a bold color but we want to stick out of the mass and we value our brand a lot.
For sure, we will do a couple more facelift changes in the near future, but now, things are much more easy to be completed.

preview of the new dashbaord

The Dashboard is a bit more structured and clean. We moved the setup guides to the support section and we also had to remove the statistics for now (but we are aiming to bring them back).

2) New Pricing Structure – New Plans

Our product team has put a lot of thinking into the new pricing structure. Our main focus was on most of the things you have told us over the years. We always valued extra connections as a tradable good – especially as we were “ok” with the part that many of you share access across friendship circles. For the new pricing structure, we have an even nicer add-on. Each plan comes with a minimum of 2 simultaneous connections – the Hero Plan – comes with 5, and speaking of the Hero plan – we added lots of exciting new things in this new package. Not only that it comes with 5 extra connections, you also get access to the Stickypassword premium license, which retails at 29.99$ per year! In the next couple of days, we go a step further and will include a premium license of Shimo for Mac, a superb VPN manager that will allow you to keep all your company and private VPN connections in one place. Customers who purchase the new Hero Plan today will also get access to Shimo once we launch it (around May 15th).

new plans structure

We have ditched the option to purchase additional connections, as it made billing extremely complicated and combined with the karma rewards, a pretty big headache we did not want to continue in the future. We’d like to thank everyone who signed up for a plan with extra connections recently, and rest assured our support team is more than happy to migrate you in the new plan and compensating you for your advanced trust.

With Stickypassword and Shimo, we are the first VPN Provider, who combines additional services free of charge in the subscription. And we won’t stop here! Signing up for an annual plan (Hero Plan) pays off! trust us!

3) New Apps

We know, our Apps needed some urgent work, but even if 12 people are working day by day on all ends, you will run into delays. Proper testing was a key element and we also wanted to make sure we add many new features that you asked for. Today we release the new Windows App. You have waited for that a long time and so it comes first. At the same time, we have already submitted the iOS App for approval. Since we added some additional features inside both iOS and Android, the approval might take a bit (shouldn’t be more than a week or so). The only one left in the renew – is the MAC App. We are truly sorry but we could not wait a single day longer. We wanted to launch in perfect shape but we did not manage to push the MAC app live “yet”. For now, we will do some mini updates that will fix some stuff that keeps bothering, but we will work on a complete new version right after the big update.


The Apps will feature a new UI/UX -> we decided to ditch Google Maps and allow to host the tiles ourselves. This way, we make sure the app works everywhere. Plus, we also fixed a couple of things on our end that will bring our product up to speed with the latest trends and movements in the market.

We could go on forever, but you get the idea, that this was the biggest update ever made – and we had to ensure that everything works for both existing – new – and migrated customers. We hope you will enjoy and appreciate the changes we have worked on for such a long time. The team is excited to hear from you!

Thanks for taking the time to read our update-release note, thanks for being a customer!
From all of us – a big rrrrrrr!

The Tigers from