New Video Review for tigerVPN

We have something special to celebrate! tigerVPN is already in it’s 6th year and ever since we launched we have kept sensitive browsing data and internet activities secure and encrypted for hundreds of thousands of customers from all around the world. With more than 640 genuine reviews written by our customers we are extremely happy that we are one of the very few VPN’s with a high score of 4.7 out of 5. One of the reasons why VPN mentor has awarded us the badge of excellence. Given our positive trend they took some time and video reviewed our service guiding you trough all the aspects of tigerVPN. Mark from VPN mentor took the time to outline all the features that we offer including the well known and beloved Karma Rewards program.

We are very pleased that so many customers and critics love tigerVPN and we are improving our service every single day with new apps just around the corner.
tigerVPN is donating 2% of it’s profits to NGO’s that take care of animals and we are extremely proud of that. When you subscribe to our service, you basically earn some good karma without doing anything 😉

Thanks to VPNmentor for the great video review, go check it out!